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A Haircut For A Cause

stlac_7945cSaint Louis County Animal Care & Control brings awareness to the community regarding responsible pet ownership.  Everyday efforts are made to educate the community about spay and neuter, leash importance and general health and care options to keep pets and people safe.  Saint Louis County Animal Care & Control has created partnerships with dozens of local rescue groups to create a large foundation for outreach, education and transfer of animals.  These interactions save lives everyday.

This year, in Saint Louis, Even Chance and Saint Louis County Animal Care & Control have partnered with J’Labii and the 50 States Tour to create a large scale event to promote, education, resources, rescues, micro-chipping and adoption.   The Fifty States Tour is a cut-a-thon, in which “people” get their haircut for a cause.  Donations are made when you receive a fabulous haircut, all proceeds stay local and go directly to the animals.   The event will be held in the Saint Louis County Animal Care Adoption Center in Olivette where stylists from J’Labii hair salon will be on hand helping Patrick Lomantini reach his goal of 50 hair cuts for donations to be given to Even Chance.  The event will be at the Saint Louis County Animal Care Adoption Center, August 22nd from 10-7p.m. Avid will be on site preforming micro-chipping services, lifetime registration chips will be $15.00 ( a $60 value).

A portion of the funds raised and donated to Even Chance through the Cut-a-thon will go directly towards the purchase micro-chips.  The micro-chips will then be given to residents needing this service free of charge.  Having pets micro-chipped increases their chance of being reunited with their owners if ever lost.


To make an appointment for “A Haircut for a Cause” call 314-255-5623.


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